Chuck Lange LMT
Therapeutic Massage & Myoskeletal Therapy
About the Practitioner

Charles Lange

BS degree from Illinois State University

Graduate of the Myotherapy Institute of Massage (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Level 2 Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist and Advanced Myoskeletal Lower Body Specialist

Structural Energetic Therapist - Spinal Stabilization

Numerous Continuing Education hours in Medical Massage Therapy, Neurosoma, and other Asian Modalities.

The mind, body, spirit connection is at the core of my practice.  Our bodies are warehouses for our emotions, and many times our physical bodies are greatly impacted by these emotions. Being aware of the emotional and spiritual elements of ourselves helps in releasing the physical elements that are causing our discomfort.

Being a massage therapist is by far the best job I have ever had.  When a client comes to me with a particular problem, whether it is a cranky shoulder, an achy knee, or a painful low back, and I am able to help them get back to the activities that they want and/or need to be able to accomplish, it is extremely gratifying. Having had some physical injuries myself, I can totally appreciate the joy of doing the activities that I love to do without pain. Next to massage therapy, hiking is my other passion in life, and I am sure that hiking would not be so enjoyable without regular massage.

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